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You choose which part of the upper body you want to target! A simple change in hand position can save you from injury & provide you with a different targeted muscle group. Just plug the handles into the desired position to workout your chest, shoulders, lats, or triceps! Our Power Board will help you hold perfect form every time so you can start seeing mind-blowing, noticeable results much faster!

No fussing around, no trying to figure things out, everything is color coded & very simple to understand so you can just plug in the handles & get your workout in right away. 

There are multiple options for each muscle group so you can find what works best for you! Depending on your size & fitness level, you can test out which fitment you prefer!

Rubber stoppers can be attached to the bottom to grip any surface. Great for anyone who wants to save themselves a trip to the gym, because now you know you can get a highly effective upper body workout in, practically anywhere!

Color-Muscle Match up:
💙Blue > Chest
❤️red > shoulders
💛Yellow > Back
💚Green > Triceps

-Premium Silicone Handles
-Portable & easy to carry
-Get an Effective workout Anywhere

-Heavy Duty & Durable

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Power Board - 9 In 1 Upper Body Strengthening System

Power Board - 9 In 1 Upper Body Strengthening System



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