Live Powerful

    Simplify your routine, strengthen your life, & start feel more confident! This is the Power Trainer, it uses the power of confined simplicity to benefit you in dozens of ways. We think simplicity is undervalued, so we wanted to show you what it looks like to combine 40+ exercises from dozens of expensive machines into 1 simple & affordable system!

The Power Trainer  uses high intensity muscle stimulation to keep your core constantly engaged using positive & negative resistance due to the elastic potential energy stored in the cord! 

This Power Trainer  eliminates DOZENS of expensive machines & combines them all into 1 simple system capable of targeting almost every muscle group in your body!

Get closer to your fitness goals with quick, short, & intense exercises making your workout routine effortless so you can get it over with & move on with your day!

~5 Resistance Levels
~Workout from home
~Portable/easy to carry 
~Built Tough to last years
~great for when traveling
Simple & quick to use so you never have to miss a workout

Package Includes:
1x Power Trainer
1x carrying Pouch
1x Exercise list

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Power Trainer

Power Trainer


**Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery due to an increased demand. Thank You!**

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