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The world needs you to get back on your feet! STOP living with pain! We are almost in the year 2020, there are so many tech advancements that can sooth and relieve pain, you don't have to put up with it anymore! One solution we have is our Knee Reliever Machine that relieves joint swelling, discomfort, pain, and weakness in your knees using heat & vibration therapy. 

Imagine walking around like you're 9 years old again not worrying about anything, especially not any knee pain. This is completely possible, you can relieve any swelling, weakness, or pain in your knees and feel 100% again! Effortlessly start feeling great in every aspect of your life by getting over this pain setback. You've suffered and put up with it for long enough!


relieves pain, soreness, Discomfort, & weakness in the knees


Comfortable to wear and relaxing during pastime


Helena Franzel

Verified Purchase


I purchased this machine for my father-in-law. he suffers from severe knee pain due to a car accident from 5 years ago. He said after using this machine his knees actually feel like they did before the accident. Amazing!

KJ Smalls

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This machine may look big and bulky but it fits my knees so comfortably that I never want to take it off. I love using the knee reliever after leg day at the gym.

Tena Shields

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I would like to give this knee machine 1 billion thumbs up! The swelling and pain in my arthritic knees have gone down significantly. I am amazed by this machine!



How To Use:
1) Put on knee reliever machine
2) Connect cable between the right & left knee pad
3) Connect the power cable to the right knee
4) Power ON by pressing "Time" button
5) Press "Time" to switch between 10min/20min/30min
6) Press "Heat" to choose between Low/Med/High heat
7)Press "Vibration" to turn ON/OFF vibration massage
8)Power OFF by long pressing "Time" button 

- Useable with 1 individual knee
- Time options: 10min/20min/30min
- Heat settings: Low/Med/High
-3 wall plug types: US, EU, UK
Package Includes:
1x Knee reliever machine
1x Electric wall plug
1x user manual
*sent in well packaged gift box*

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This is product title

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