ADd a little fitness into your home!

Gym O'Clock

Gym O'Clock


Tick-tock its time to head to the gym! Every time you check for the time, you'll be taken back by the huge, sleek, and high quality Gym O'Clock.

This is the perfect way to bring a room together and give off a stylish, professional, and modern feel with a hint of fitness!

TWO Sizes

Pick which size fits best for your home/office/gym! Choose between 37 or 47 inches for the full Gym O'Clock diameter.

Room Versatility 

The sleek appearance of the clock will visually fit in any room depending on whether you choose the Black, Silver or Gold option.

Easy D.I.Y.

Installation is made to be as simple as possible with instructions in the box. Can be up and ready in just 3 minutes!


- 3 colors; Silver, Black & Gold
- 2 Sizes; 37 & 47 inch diameters
 - Made of Acrylic material 
- AA Battery powered
-Great for any part of your house, office, or gym!

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